Social Media

Building a Social Media Strategy is at the heart of all that we do

People buy from people they know – Communication is key to our relationships

We always agree measurable metrics with our customers so that they can see a return on their investment, and our efforts enhance the goals they are trying to achieve. We integrate Social Media into a business rather than just considering it as one element of a business. We believe this to be a unique approach, alongside our ability to source a complete Digital Marketing solution for our clients.

We invest time and energy into our clients so that we can have a continually evolving relationship with them as their business grows.

Social Media cannot be successful if a business is simply broadcasting its message. We build communities for our clients that foster conversation and connections with like-minded people, not just local businesses. Social Media can empower small businesses to have a more global mind set and to compete outside their geographical area. We can manage these relationships and help the business to grow.

Set-Up and Management

Have you been wanting to get your business on Social Media but are not sure where to start? We’ll take care of the set-up and ensure your channels are running at the optimum level before handing it back to you when you are ready.

Short Term Social Campaigns

Campaigns are different to daily management because of their increased focus, targeting and measurability. They can be great for brand awareness, a new product or service launch, website traffic or creating a buzz around an event. We will put a targeted strategy together and manage the campaign from end to end.

Strategy Development

Do you find yourself at a loss as to what you should be doing with your Social Media?
The right social media strategy can help you to identify and target your audience with the best platforms, ideal posting times and content marketing plans. Let us put together a plan so that you know what to do and when, and why you’re doing it!

Content Creation

Ever wonder what type of content you should share on social media? Content has always been King, but Engagement is still Queen and she rules the house. We can help you get the right balance of exactly what you need to post and how to keep those engagement levels topped-up!