If you’re thinking of using social media for your business (and you really should btw), then Facebook would probably be your first port of call.  A Facebook Business Page is the ideal platform to build conversations around your business, promote special offers and add value to your audience.

Facebook remains the KING of Social Media.  As of September 2019, there were 2.45 billion active monthly users! It’s simply too big to ignore!

We’ve covered the benefits of using Facebook as your ‘go-to’ platform for business in our blog, Which is the Best Social Media Platform for Business?  Now you will want to know what you need to do to get started!

Your Facebook Business Page

For your business to have a Facebook page, you will need a Personal Facebook Profile. Your profile is the one you use to share personal information and pictures with friends and family.

From your profile, click the Create tab at the top and then Page. You then follow through the instructions and prompts Facebook gives you.  You’ll have the opportunity to choose ‘Business or Brand’ to showcase your products and services, or ‘Community/Public Figure’ for sharing with people in your community.  The latter is better suited to voluntary groups and clubs, so if you’re a business, click the Business tab.

You will then have the chance to upload a profile picture and cover photos.  If you already have a social media presence elsewhere, we recommend keeping the imagery consistent across all of your platforms. It will ensure you’re easily recognised and leave no doubt to your audience who you are.  We suggest having your logo as your profile picture and then a clear photo that illustrates what you do as your cover photo – or perhaps a photo of your team.  Here is an opportunity to add some personality!

Navigating your Facebook Business Page

Page sections – Left-hand side

The next job is to complete the various segments, such as the About section.  It is a crucial part of your Facebook Page and will detail the specifics such as address, business details, contact information hours and your website.

Down the left-hand side of the screen are the different sections of the page.  You can add Events, share Reviews, showcase your Services, list your items for sale under ‘Shop’ or promote Offers.  As your page grows, you may want to delve into creating a Group (that’s for a future blog). Under Community, you can see all the people that have tagged your page.

Adding ‘Call to Action’ Blue Button

Under your Cover Picture, you will see there is the opportunity to add a blue button.  Facebook gives you several ‘Call to Action’ options.  You can send your audience to book an appointment, join your Group (helpful if you want to set up a community around you), contact you, download your app (fancy!) learn more about your business or shop with you.

To the left of this button are three dots.  Click this, and you will see there are lots of options to do different things.  One option is to ‘Like as Your Page’.  When you are on someone else’s page, you can click these dots under their cover picture and then like them as your business page; this is a great way to make connections with other businesses.

Asking Friends to Like Your Facebook Business Page

It might seem tempting to invite every person you know to like your page, but we strongly advise against this practice.

While vanity metrics will make your page look popular, your audience may not be relevant. In turn, this will affect the amount of engagement you get on your posts as your followers won’t be interested.  Facebook wants to build conversations, and if you’re posting to the likes of ‘Uncle Bob’ about a new brilliant new hair curler, it’s going to fall on deaf ears!

When asking your (relevant) family and friends to like your page, why not send them a personal invite that you can craft on the desktop version of Facebook. Here, you can explain what you’re doing and why it might be of interest to them.  By doing this, they are more likely to follow than if it is just another invite sat in their inbox.

Downloading the Facebook Page App

It’s a good idea to download the Facebook Pages Manager app so that you can manage your page more efficiently on your mobile. From here, you can publish and schedule posts; you can invite friends, see how your posts are doing on the analytics tab and view your messages, notifications and your settings.

Facebook can sometimes be glitchy when tagging other people/businesses in posts.  Glitches can be resolved by editing within the Facebook Pages Manager app.

Your first post!

You’re now ready to publish your first post to your page!  Tell everyone why you are here and a little bit about your story.  Share some details about you before shouting about your business.  It’s an excellent place to start to instil trust in your audience. People like to buy from those they feel they know, like and trust and remember when posting to think about how you will solve their problem rather than what you do.

Good luck!

If you need some more guidance in social media, why not join our free Facebook Group – The Social Giraffe Tower.  We share lots more hints and tips and have conversations around how social media can help your business stand tall!

If you would like some 1:1 training on setting up a new Facebook Business Page (or anything else), please feel free to drop us an email… hello@thesocialgiraffe.co.uk or click here… Contact Us.

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