So, you’ve decided which platform you want to use to promote your business, but perhaps you’re struggling to think of content ideas for your social media platforms?

Whatever platform you’re on, it’s a good idea to change up the content type as well as the subject matter. It’s great to create original content as well as using content from others in your field but sometimes it can be hard to come up with different ideas for your content. That’s where the Giraffes can help!

Here we share 10 ideas for creating great content for your social media platforms.

  1. Create blogs. These are great for giving advice to your customers and sets you apart as an expert in your field. A blog is a great way to drive readers to your website. You can do this by posting a link to your blog on your social media platforms with an extract of your blog and a link to ‘read more’. But what if you don’t have a website? Well, many people write blogs directly to platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook, or you could set up a free website to host your blogs on platforms such as WordPress or Wix.
  2. ‘How to’ videos. Why not give tips to your followers in the form of a video. Video has been known to get higher interactions than text and people often want to know how to do things for themselves. You can make the video and then use in on multiple platforms. You could also do a blog about your ‘how to’ and insert your video in it.
  3. Polls and Questions. This function is great for getting followers involved in your business. On Facebook and Instagram, you are able to ask opinions in the form of a poll. This will really help to drive up engagement on your posts. Think new menu ideas, new seasonal products or a new service you want to offer. It can be used as a great piece of free market research.
  4. Case Studies. Talk about how your product or service has helped someone. People like to know how others have got on before they buy for themselves. Case studies offer great social proof and a positive outcome will encourage others to click that purchase button.
  5. Infographics. These are great visuals that explain facts, stats and information that is easier to understand in graphic format. These can be tricky to put together so you might want some help with this one.
  6. Go behind the scenes. Bring some life to your brand and show what happens in order to bring the final product to market. Show the process of how your product is made… or if you’re a service industry, let your followers in on your typical day.
  7. Testimonials. Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet about how brilliant you are. People buy on the recommendations of others, so if someone is happy with what you have done, ask if you can use their comments as a testimonial.
  8. Go Live! This sounds scary, we get that, but what draws people to brands is authenticity. Show the personality behind your business, let people in. People buy from people they like and trust and being your authentic self and putting yourself out there will certainly help with that.
  9. Use Data and Statistics. Give some insights into the benefits of using your product or service. How did your customers benefit? What pain points did you solve? Visuals can be easily made in apps such as Canva.
  10. Don’t forget those hashtags! Use relevant hashtags and jump on those celebration and awareness days. Just remember, keep it, relevant people! It looks spammy if you jump on a trending hashtag that has no relevance to your brand.

Don’t forget you can check out what is happening each day on our calendar that comes out each month in The Social Giraffe Tower Facebook group along with the hashtags we have researched for that month.

So, are you ready to create great content?

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